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Design, Prototype and Buy custom products at Perdix. Professional Research Services for students and businesses.


Delivering for the research community

At Perdix we understand the requirements of competitive modern research and development projects. We offer professional services to help you achieve results; from computer aided design to manufacturing, we can turn your idea into reality.

Perdix provides the engineering skills you need to refine specialised designs and translate them into functional parts on a tight schedule. We operate transparently and affordably, for teams ranging from budding start-ups to international research groups.

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Computer aided design

With our expertise, Perdix can deliver a model of your design to your specifications for computer generated images and drawings. We can provide high-quality renderings for reports as well as design for manufacture.


You can benefit from transformational 3D printing technology through affordable Perdix services with low-lead times. We also offer machining services for specialised materials and precision requirements.


Having trouble finding the items you need to keep your project moving? We have a network of local and international suppliers for specialised parts and materials.


Make it real

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